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 Why can't people stop buying them?
(Part 1)

If you are one of those who have made a ritual out of broiling meat and share the passion for cooking like we do, these products are an essential mate for your life events.

Why? Let us tell you…

MEAT CLAWS (SET X2): The meat claws make it easier to handle meat, but they also work very well to mix salads or pasta. Though, if you want to shred broiled meat, they become imperative.

You must be wondering… why would I want to shred it?

You probably know that there are many ways to taste these delights, but as this is not a cooking blog, I will only give you some tips.

Ropa vieja, shredded meat garnished with white rice: this is a very popular recipe in many countries of Central America such as Venezuela, Colombia, Costa Rica and Panama. The meat is cooked with several ingredients and typical species of that zone, and then shredded and garnished on a perfect white rice bed.


If you are the Italian style, you can’t miss the cannelloni filled with broiled meat well seasoned with pepper, onion, carrot and garlic.

Meanwhile, in these lands, we can use it to prepare some spectacular sandwiches. Broiling a tasty bondiola with caramelized onion on beer, roasted tomatoes, garlic and barbecue sauce, they will become the heart of your cravings. What do you think?

And as one image says more than a thousand words, look how easy Agustín shreds this pork for his sandwiches.

MEAT CLAW: Can you say how many times you broke or bent a fork? Or maybe you even cried when you dropped that incredibly crunchy ribb on the floor because it was too heavy for your skinny gadget.

I know, you don’t want to remember that moment, nor the “sayings” of your friends when the dream of the big broiler slipped through your hands while you tried in vain to catch it in the air saying NOOO!

You can relax now. To help you not go through that again, we came to show you this metallic meat claw.

It’s useful not only to shred meat, but also to split up a pork leg in just a few seconds, or grab big meat cuts in and out of the smoker, oven or grill.

Watch this video and you will understand why we recommend it to you.

BURGER COMBO: Burgers cannot be missing on your kids birthdays, especially if they are teens.

It might have happened that while your kid left you taking care of the grill saying... “please, be quiet dad”, one of his friends came to ask for his burger with the cheese melted but not spilt!

And you, with your best poker face and smile, ‘cause your son was watching, said… Of course! While wondering how to keep that damned cheese on the burger. When the embers burnt out because there was another friend who asked for a well done burger.

That day, you ended up exhausted. The demands for the burgers exceeded fiction.

However, when you put your head on your pillow, you still wondered how to make that damned cheese to melt but no spilt.

Chill out… you have the solution for the next birthday.

With our Burger Combo (smash burger + cheese melter bell) you will be able to melt the cheese properly and no spilling. Yes, you read well.

How? Let us tell you...

  • Place a slice of cheese on the burger.
  • Put a teaspoon of water in the sheet to cook which generates steam.
  • Cover the burger with the “cheese melter” bell immediately.
  • And after 15 seconds the cheese will be perfectly melted.

It’s that simple! This is not magic, we show you in this video.


Now you’ve understood how important it is to have the right utensils at the right time. But, we don’t want to leave you without the cherry on top.

That’s why we introduce you the BIG SQUARE PLATE WITH GUTTER, so your meat, burger or any other meal made with love looks the best in your life events.

Made of solid wood, two centimeters thick and the perfect measurement of 28 cm by 28 cm, you can bring to the table all your delicacies.

In this note, we only tell you about 4 of the 7 GRILL WEST Top Products.

But this doesn’t end up here… in the next delivery, we show you the rest of them.

Do you understand why people can’t stop buying them now?

We read your comments. 


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