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PIRO family joins the great GRILL WEST family

PIRO family joins the great GRILL WEST family

Our passion to create unique experiences with family and friends has inspired us to add to the business those companies that, like us, believe that moments are once in a lifetime.

In this way, we’ve been inviting more than twenty national and international brands that built this vision to be part of our family.

Food not only unites us, but also allows us to enjoy the happiness of the meeting.

That’s why we want to share with you today that we add another “awesome brand” that knows a lot about family.

Piro (outdoor oven), with its line of products, comes to give you another excuse to live through a new gastronomic experience.

Piro was born by the passion for fire and the love for the Patagonia.

Between many family trips and pleasure, came up the idea of trying out the patagonic way of cooking… smoked

Combining traditional heat with economical wood stoves, Piro designed the Smoker oven we are introducing you today.

Which is the difference between a traditional oven and a Piro Smoker?

Piro Smoker works with indirect cooking, it means the ember or wood is in the boxes on the side of the oven which, for your comfort, are also removable.

But catch this! Before starting, don’t forget to pour water in the container tray at the bottom of the cylinder.

This tray helps to absorb the defatting of the meat and keep its moisture, aromatizing it if you add aromatic herbs.

Yes, I know, you can already taste it...

But, how do you turn it on?

You can put a fire igniter on the base of each box and round it with coal and small pieces of wood to accelerate the ignition.

Once the fire is set, you put the cap of the side boxes so the flame doesn't burn the oven. You will notice the temperature will begin to raise, that is the moment to start using it.

Remember it has a pyrometer incorporated to help you know how hot it is!

During the cooking, it is advisable to add some coal in the side boxes in order to maintain the temperature. Oh! Don’t forget to leave the butterfly of the chimney open and only close it if the oven gets too hot.

How do I smoke?

It’s very simple. You have to put the wood or chip you chose on the ember and close the caps. For this function, the butterfly of the chimney should be open to a quarter (¼)

What if I want the meat well glazed?

No problem. Almost at the end of the cooking, add more coal or wood to raise the temperature of the oven and that's all!

The Piro experience comes with you to any place in the world. If you enjoy cooking outdoor, this is definitely a good choice.

If you don’t believe me, watch this video and then tell me, how you think this turkey with vegetables turns out for our friend Agustin?

Oh! I forgot desert…

Leave your comment here, and we’ll send you the recipe.

Just like us, Piro is a great moments generator.

If you liked, you can see the whole line of Piro products here:


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