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10 secrets to cook in your kamado as a professional chef

10 secrets to cook in your kamado as a professional chef

Brought from Japan, the kamado is an oven that works with ember and it’s perfect to roast, smoke and cook exquisite dishes.

It has its origins back in the 1700 when it was used to cook meat, cereals and vegetables. During the second world war the american army was astonished with this appliance and took it into their culture, with some changes, but always keeping the original base. From there… to the world!

The practicality and ductility of this oven/roaster have made it one of the most popular cooking appliances in the world.

How do you cook in a kamado?

As we said, this is a cooking tool that makes culinary art practical and simple. Yet, we give you 10 tips to be able to cook in this traditional oven:


  1. Set a good fire: Fire is fundamental for this kind of cooking. Always have in mind that you need oxygen, heat and fuel to make it work. It is recommended to use premium quality charcoal. You should set the temperature before you start cooking and leave the cupola open for at least 5 minutes before you set the fire. Remember there are two air entries and exits, both at the top and at the bottom. The larger the opening of the air entries,  the higher the temperature the kamado will be able to reach.
  2. Surface: In order to cook in the kamado, you should be aware there are several surfaces you can put your meal, with each one you will achieve a different result and a new recipe.
  3. Grills layout: To get the point of cooking you wish, it’s essential to know how far the grill should be from the ember. So, if you’re going to cook a burger or a piece of meat that needs a lot of heat, you should do it in the lower position; but if you are making something more juicy and well done you should use the higher grill.
  4. Smoke: Here’s a piece of advice to get a perfect smoke, don’t put too much wood in the kamado because it could give your meal a bitter flavor. Try to burn just the minimum and necessary.
  5. Grill: It’s crucial to use a high quality coal and keep the flame constant consistent. The amount of ember you need will depend on the meat cut (thin or thick) you want to cook. Always controlling the cooking point.
  6. Searing: If you only want to sear, the key is to control the temperature of your kamado and set the fire a little time before you put the meat so the grill is very hot. This technique will give you a juicy and tasty cooking with an amazing color.
  7. Baking: Did you know you can bake in your kamado? Thanks to its ceramic walls that keep the heat and its shape that creates a constant air flow you can try to prepare bread or pizza. They are incredible!
  8. Roasting: This technique is ideal for big meat cuts because they get crispy outside and juicy inside. It’s also perfect for vegetables because it cooks in a slow constant way.
  9. Smoking: Slow but tasty, the kamado keeps the meat with excellent flavor as the heat attains to break the collagen and fills food with that delicious smoked flavor. You can use this technique with all kinds of food, even fish and vegetables.
  10. Enjoy: Remember the nicest thing about a meal in a kamado is to enjoy it with family and friends, sharing time together, laughing, chatting or just hanging out...

Do you have your kamado already? In Grill West we have many sizes and designs, so you can find the one that fit perfectly the spaces in your home.




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