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To surprise your Guests this Christmas - Smoked Brisket in Kamado

To surprise your Guests this Christmas - Smoked Brisket in Kamado

Brisket portada

Christmas invites us to reconnect with the essentials of life. Friends and family are the ones who beat our hearts, bringing us the joy of living.

It is the time of year when we want to be reborn, nurturing affections and reuniting with those we have not seen for a long time or had been neglected by the overwhelming routine.

We want to help you make that a very special day, so, we plan to give you a very simple recipe that will surprise your guests: a formidable smoked brisket in Kamado.

The brisket is a very popular cut in the United States, however in Argentina it is not so well known. Some assimilate it to the "roast lid", but exactly, a whole brisket consists of two cuts: the roast lid and the grain of the cow's brisket, joined by a layer of fat.

It covers the top and front of the rack and is usually less tender, so the way you cook it is key.



In other words, brisket was made to be cooked over low heat and with patience… and for this challenge the Kamado is the ideal ally.


The rub. An indispensable ally to spice it up

First of all, remember to clean the outer sides of the meat well to reduce fat, leaving part of it, since that will give it flavor and help it not to dry out.

The “rub” is a word used to describe the salt and spices applied to the meat that is used to cover it before going to the smoker.

In central Texas, many use a “rub” that contains only salt and black pepper.

For this occasion we suggest a rub that contains: 50% grill salt, 30% fresh ground black pepper, 10% dry ground garlic and 10% onion. If you are more daring with flavors, you can add yellow mustard and vinegar. The important thing is that it sticks to the meat and does not fall off when you start to cook it. Therefore, before spreading the meat with the rub, soak it with apple juice, olive oil with paprika, or simply water.

It is essential to apply it evenly over the entire piece about twelve hours before starting to cook and cover it with a film while it rests in the refrigerator. This will allow the flavors of the spices to penetrate the meat and perfume it.


Cooking in the Kamado

The Kamado should be at a temperature of 120°C (250°F), the upper vent should be closed and the lower vent fully open.



For a perfect smoked, we recommend you add some apple tree chips previously soaked in water to the fire.



It is essential to prevent the brisket from drying out, spray it every 30 minutes. You can do it with water, apple juice with vinegar or water with sweet paprika, always being careful not to remove the rub.

To take advantage of the fire and accompany this dish, you can roast some vegetables while the smoking finishes, which will take about three hours.

After that time, wrapp the cut in aluminum foil and open the Kamado's vents by 8 millimeters. It is important to cover the entire piece well with two layers to isolate the heat from the meat and finish its cooking process.


When is it ready?

 When smoking, doneness is defined by the inner temperature of the meat, not by time. This is what will guarantee you if the natural juices remain or, on the contrary, have evaporated. 

The juices are responsible for, after the smoking process, the meat melts into your mouth.

To measure this temperature we recommend a digital thermometer with a probe.



When the inner temperature is around 90-96°C (195-205°F) your brisket is done. 

If you are careful, this whole process will take you three hours of smoking and two hours of low temperature in aluminum foil.

Let the brisket rest in the foil for at least 40 minutes. This guarantees that the flavors and natural juices of the meat are concentrated.


How to serve it?

 We recommend cutting it into slices about 6 mm wide in the opposite direction of the fiber and accompanying it with roasted vegetables, a couple of sauces and a delicious country bread.



While you light your Christmas tree with the company of your people… this delicious will be ready to be enjoyed with your beloved ones.

We hope this recipe accompanies you at your holiday table. 

Grill West wishes you a Christmas in love and harmony!

We read you in the comments.

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