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Flame Barrel The Mountain Charcoal Colombian Grill

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All-terrain for every occasion

Get to the top of your rotisserie with an all-terrain portable barrel.

The iconic Flame Barrel in Stainless Steel, perfect for outdoor use due to its high resistance to moisture and alkaline environments. 30.7 in. high and a radius of 15.7 in.


  • Durability: Its stainless steel body is designed to be used on any occasion, anywhere.
  • Variety: We offer two sizes for customers according to their ideal space.
  • Assembly: There are 3 pieces - lid, body and base. Easier to use and the weight of the material makes it extremely portable.
  • Thermometer: Our integrated thermometer is the assistant that determines the state of the food according to the temperature of the barrel.


  • Lid with valve

Finely embossed, the lid has an adjustable heat sink to control the air flow according to the desired preparation.

  • Body with thermometer

The thermometer is positioned so that the cook will be able to maintain control of the barrel temperature with minimum effort.

  • Starter

It is the container where the charcoal is placed to light the fire inside the barrel.

  • Anti-slip base

You will be able to cook without fear that your barrel will suffer unwanted movements that alter the shelf life of the product or the food.

  • Thermo-insulating handle

Our handles are made from high quality wood, so you will be able to move the barrel body and lid with minimum effort.

  • Hooks

Your most valuable tools when placing food in the barrel, they will help you suspend the food at a safe distance from the starter container.

  • Hook puller

To handle the hooks safely at any time, if you need to introduce, extract or arrange the food inside the barrel.

  • Support ring

This element allows to place the hooks to suspend the food inside the barrel, as well as to place any of the additional accessories available in our store.

  • Side Grill

Any food preparation requires a support surface, a function fulfilled by this grill located on the side of the barrel.

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