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  • Upgrade your preparations: The Nahuen oven is designed with a structure of high quality and durable steel. It’s ideal for baking bread and pastries, perfect for pizzas and also great for achieving that exquisite smoky touch that highlights the intensity of the juices of the loin, chicken, ribs, malaya, marrow or other cuts of meat with the traditional flavor of firewood.
  • It’s all about the heat: This oven has a capacity of up to 968 ° F which makes it perfect for cooking pizzas in just 2 minutes. Its interior firebox has a base with 32 high-density refractory bricks for greater caloric power, which resist heat without breaking. This will keep the embers burning evenly, for much longer. Its sides are made of stainless steel, which makes it faster to cook food.
  • Lasting fire: Thanks to its 4 inch cannon and air outlet cap, once the firewood is on the combustion is kept in the firebox for hours without emitting smoke, you only have to feed the firewood according to the temperature you want to achieve. When you cook with its stainless steel lid, you will achieve an even cooking in your preparations and the temperature inside the firebox will rise quickly. In addition, the lid has an ergonomic wooden handle, for greater safety and protection when cooking.
  • Portable: The Nahuen oven weighs nearly 182 pounds. But it has 4 high support feet and 2 wheels for better mobility and comfort when moving it. It's perfect for your backyard.
  • Includes:
    • Built-in thermometer
    • 1 4 inches cannon + cap
    • 1 ember separator
    • 1 pizza cutter
    • 1 pizza platter
    • 1 fire  poker
    • 1 accessory hanger
    • 1 oven lid
    • 2 brick dividers (one adjustable and one fixed)
    • 32 refractory bricks for higher caloric power
    • 4 high support feet (2 with wheels)
    • 4 bases for desktop installation.
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