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Piro Offset Wood Smoker Medium

by Piro
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  • It is an indirect cooking smoker oven.
  • The embers / firewood are placed in the side boxes (removable).
  • It has a capacity to supply 15-20 people.
  • The cylinder measures are 17" diameter and 21.7" height.

  • 1 pair of high temperature gloves
  • 1 internal grill
  • 2 individual hanging brackets
  • 8 hooks
  • 1 liquid container tray
  • Standard wheels



Before starting the ignition, place the liquid container tray at the bottom of the cylinder WITH WATER.

This tray has two functions:
Absorb the degreasing of the cuts.
Achieve humidity and aromatization in cooking, by adding different aromatic herbs.

To begin with the ignition, you can place a fire starter in the base of each box and surround it with charcoal and small pieces of wood, to make it faster.
Once the fire has started, place the lids of the side boxes so that the flame does not burn the side of the oven. In this ignition process, the main oven lid can be left open, to help oxygenate. The oven will begin to slowly raise the temperature.
Once the fire has started, you can start using the oven.


During cooking, it is advisable to add some coals to the side boxes, as necessary, to maintain the temperature of the oven. You can also add pieces of firewood (very dry) for both smoking and making a flame.
During cooking, the flap on the fireplace must be open. Only close it if the oven temperature is too high.
To smoke, place the type of wood or shavings you choose on the coals and close the lids. For this function, the chimney butterfly should be open only ¼.
To achieve that the meats are more browned on the outside, at the end of cooking, increase the amount of charcoal or firewood to raise the temperature of the oven.


The Piro oven has a double function:

Hot Smoke Function
In this function, the oven temperature must be between 70 ° C and 110 ° C. The smoked in this function, are usually of prolonged times between 4 to 8 hours (or more). The wood to be used depends on personal tastes or, depending on the cut to be smoked.

Conventional Charcoal / Wood Oven Function
In this function the temperature can range between 120 ° C and 200 ° C, or more, depending on various factors such as the quality of the firewood, the charcoal or the climate.
In both functions, to keep the temperature relatively constant, it will depend on the continuous supply of coal / firewood in the side boxes (do not allow the fire to burn out), as well as on the regulation of the oxygen inlet by opening the chimney butterfly.


  • Side Fire Boxes: Cleaning these boxes is very simple, as they are removable, allowing them to be emptied easily and ready for the next use. To avoid oxidation and increase their durability, after each use, it is suggested to "paint" them with vegetable oil (with a brush or paper napkins).
  • Oven interior: You can use a traditional oven degreaser (trigger). Let it act for a few minutes and then rinse with plenty of hot water. The bottom of the cylinder is provided with a hole that allows the drainage of this cleaning.
  • Oven Exterior: Simply clean it with a damp cloth.
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