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Fuego Criollo Professional Grill (3 Sections) Freestanding Argentine Charcoal Grill

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Modular Professional Grill built in Stainless Steel for intensive use, it has grill height adjustment by means of a wheel and steel cable and inclination to allow the fat to drip forward to a grease collection fitting. Modular grill with individual 8.66 inch wide sections with different options allowing for the most suitable cooking medium for each product. Folding support table suspended by chains, floor with refractory bricks, ceiling with slotted tray to support pots or elements that need to keep heat. The sides of the grill can be covered both with sheet metal and also with refractory bricks.

Includes three standard round bar grill sections, three skewers with module to hold them in place on the grill, "Achuras" section (round bar grill with less spacing in between), shovel, poker, flat top griddle, vegetables griddle, fish grill module, spatula, dripping tray, mini upper rack/grill with standard round bar modules and a Professional Brazier. Optional: V-shaped grill sections


  • Height: 68.71 in (1745 mm)
  • Length: 66.42 in (1687 mm)
  • Depth 44.26 in (1124 mm)
  • Grilling Area: 27.17 in (690 mm) x 27.4 in (696 mm)

The Modular Professional Brazier is built in Stainless Steel with a folding support table suspended by chains, its floor and walls have refractory bricks to keep heat concentrated in one place.


  • Height: 55.32 in (1405 mm)
  • Length: 26.46 in (672 mm)
  • Depth: 44.17 in (1122 mm)
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