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Manhattan 5 pcs. Block Set

by Arcos
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An exclusive Arcos set, made up of kitchen scissors (8''), and three knives from the Manhattan series: Chef’s knife (4''), chef’s knife (6'') and a Rocking Santoku knife (7'')

Manhattan series set with a rubber wood knife block.


  • Paring knife from the Manhattan series with a 4'' blade.
  • Chef’s knife from the Manhattan series with a 6'' blade.
  • Rocking Santoku knife from the Manhattan series with a 7'' blade.

This series stands out for its rounded finish, its half bolster and the polyoxymethylene (POM) handle. In addition, it’s the first series to include the silk edge, which gives the knife superior cutting capacity.

Made with NITRUM® stainless steel to guarantee that it lasts longer.
Made with tongue-and-groove stainless steel rivets to avoid corrosion.

  • Kitchen scissors in black from the series Prochef (8'').

They have the rotation axis separated from the handles, providing greater force to the cut. Their design makes them ideal for cutting and separating meats, bones, and other surfaces.
The handle is polypropylene, and the rest is stainless steel. They play an essential role in your everyday kitchen.

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