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Which is the grill that best suits your needs? We help you choose it

Which is the grill that best suits your needs? We help you choose it

We know the purchase process is not easy, most of all when it’s about your well being and happiness.

Summer is coming in the southern hemisphere and winter in the north, it’s time to enjoy. Whatever hemisphere you live in, what really matters is the moments you share with your family and friends.

To make it easier for you to decide, here we are the experts…

That’s why we wanted to tell you which are the products that best suits your needs, so you can dare to cook the delicacies you always imagined.

Check out what the best option is for you.


If you have a balcony:


If you live in an apartment and you have a balcony… why not enjoy it?


Yes, I know… the smoke, the neighbors, the space, it’s something you always think and it doesn’t let you jump to action. This is because you don’t know the options we are going to propose to you.



Small / Medium size Kamado:



I don't know if you knew, but the Kamado has great versatility since it allows you to smoke, bake, roast, grill, cook by spitting or function as a common kitchen, which is also why baking is part of this new dimension.

 There are various sizes, so a small or medium Kamado can be a great option for your balcony.

 Its inner cover made of refractory material allows that with very little charcoal or briquettes, you can make your meals with the flavor from another planet.


Which are the benefits of having a Kamado at home?


  • Much less smoke than a traditional grill. Its ceramic covering and its interior allow the heat to be conserved with almost no charcoal, reaching very high temperatures.


  • It’s more ecological. It consumes less charcoal than any traditional grill. With a three kilo bag the heat can last up to 8 hours in this equipment. The key is that the Kamado allows you to control the temperature at which you are cooking.


  • It's eternal. Refractory ceramic withstands high temperatures and doesn’t rust, which also makes cleaning much easier.


  • It’s decorative and original. They are so cute and come in such spectacular colors that they will add a touch of glamour to your balcony that will make it unique.


  • It’s very economic. With an initial charge you can maintain the minimum temperature for up to 15 hours and by opening the air inlet, you can increase it easily and safely


Take a look at these options and choose yours!



Click on the link and we will show you all the alternatives we have available for you.


If you have a terrace or large garden:

It’s so nice to live in a house and having a backyard or terrace to enjoy. If this is your case, you surely don’t have problems with space or smoke, so we invite you to keep reading.


Wood or Charcoal Grill:



These are the most traditional equipments. They come with V or rounded iron gratings, fire bricks, some include a lid and wheels to move them.

 If you like to make your food the way our ancestors did, these are the grills that best fit your needs.


Take a look at these options and choose yours!


Click on the link and we will show you all the alternatives we have available for you.


Big Kamados:



As we already told you, the Kamado is a Como ya te lo comentamos, the Kamado is a charcoal cooker that works as an oven, smoker and even as a grill. 

 Thanks to its versatility we don’t think you can find a more complete equipment to prepare your meals.

 Due to the possibilities it offers you, it gives you the opportunity to experiment from slow to the fastest cooking, taking your cooking to another level.


Which are the benefits of having a big Kamado in your house? 


In addition to what we already told you, it allows you to cook for more than 18 hours with only 3kg of charcoal. And thanks to its capacity, check everything you can do:

  • 13 kg strip roast
  • 22 kg bondiola
  • 4 pork legs
  • 20 hamburgers
  • 9 vertical chickens (with accesory)
  • 25 chorizos


 We also suggest you these accessories that you can buy separately, at any time:


  • Cooking system
  • Timbal
  • Second level
  • Footing for chicken
  • Ribs Support
  • Sto Pizza


I know, you are so excited that you want to go out and buy it, and to make it easier for you, we throw you the dimensions


  • Cooking Diameter: 69 cm
  • Outer Diameter: 75 cm
  • Weight: 125 kg
  • Charcoal for one cooking:  2 kg – 2,5kg (aprox.)
  • Depth: 93 cm


Look at these options and choose yours!



Click on the link and we will show you all the alternatives we have available for you.





When it comes to fire, what better way than doing it outdoors. Whether in full sun or under the serenity of the stars where the crackle of the fire contrasts with the darkness, it always becomes a ceremony.

Somehow, the stoker invites you to relive the experience of fire and cooking as our ancestors did.

This implement is the last link in the chain of evolution of the grill. Its predecessors, also imposed by customs and uses, are the stake, the disk and the iron, which came to give a break to the traditional way of cooking.

In a synthesis of this evolution, these accessories are fusioned in a balanced way so you have more options with the same fire.


Which are the benefits of having a Stoker in your house?  


  • They are decorative and it helps you to warm up outdoors. If you don’t want to use it for cooking, all the stokers have their accessories detachable, so you can let the fire to sit around it while you enjoy it with friends and family.


  • You have many options. Of several sizes and designs, they allow you to choose the one you like the most, whether it’s square or round, from 50 cm to 150 cm in diameter. 


  • You take advantage of the many possibilities of cooking. Having a grill, a cross or book-type stake, a griddle, a cast iron pot or a spit, gives you the opportunity to cook various meals for many guests at the same time.
  • They adapt to any style of house. If you have a terrace or a space in height, you can incorporate it as an architectural proposal that will innovate your environment, proposing a concept with multiple possibilities.


Take a look at these options and choose yours!



Click on the link and we will show you all the alternatives we have available for you.


We are GW STORE… and we invite you to experience joy with your family and friends.

We look forward to seeing you in any of our stores to advise you and give you the best option for your home.

If you have questions or liked this article, we read you in the comments.

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