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Asaparri Freestanding Brazier

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The perfect accessory to accompany your grill.

It not only serves to make embers but also has an accessory to cook on the grill and another that you can use it as a kettle or pan to cook a side dish!

It includes refractory bricks.
The platform lifts from the floor the charcoal or accessories you want to leave under the brazier.
It has a shovel holder and a built-in poker.

You can find the different variants below the price.

INCLUDES: Includes Brazier + Rotisserie Support + Pot Support + Shovel & Poker holder

  • Material: 2mm black sheet metal Iron lattice, 8" round.
  • Finish: high temperature paint
  • Measurements: 50cm x 35cm x 105cm
  • Capacity: 2 standard bags of charcoal / firewood
  • Packaging: The product is shipped unassembled on a pallet with all its components and assembly instructions.
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