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Bosca Alerce Full Black Freestanding Charcoal Grill + Brazier

by Bosca
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Product Overview: 

Unsurpassed Quality and Design

Designed to be a firm and sturdy grill, neat in every detail. The Alerce Full Black Charcoal Grill + Brazier has stainless steel bars, 1 built-in brazier, 1 folding side tray and a lid that lifts up for fire preparation. Its black color is imposing, highlighting its great cooking power and the magic of its flaming embers.

Robust 115.75 lb steel structure for safe and comfortable grilling.

Thanks to its firmness and stability, you will enjoy your barbecues without a piece of meat moving while cutting. Enjoy the versatility of this powerful grill.

Built-in brazier for firewood

To quickly light the embers and enjoy the authentic and traditional flavor of firewood.

5 height levels to cook whatever you want, however you want.

It has 5 height regulators, which you can raise or lower manually. This will give you the greatest flexibility to achieve the ideal cooking of your food.

Play with creativity

This grill includes a removable iron support on each side, to install the 90 cm Bosca Spiedo. When you install the spiedo, the grates are raised and stabilized at a 100º angle, so you can prepare your food on the spiedo with a uniform and slow cooking, a golden brown chicken or a juicy piece of meat. In addition, you can play with various Bosca grill accessories such as the planchette, the fish grill, the hamburger pan and the whole range of tools that will make your barbecues more entertaining.

The Spiedo is purchased separately, it is not included with the grill.


  • 1 hinged side tray.
  • 1 removable brazier.
  • Removable lid.
  • Stainless steel bars.
  • Includes accessory for installation of spiedo (does not include the spiedo, this is purchased separately).
  • Embers poker.
  • Shovel for the embers.
  • Mechanical lifter for 5 height adjustments.
  • 2 wheels. They are activated when the grill is placed at an angle.
  • The grill is lifted for fire preparation.
  • Compatible with Bosca accessories.
  • Grill for outdoor use.


Brand Bosca
Fuel Type Charcoal
Material Steel
Color Black
Height 39.4 inches
Width 30.3 inches
Depth 19.5 inches
Weight 116 lb
Grilling Area 25.8 x 16.9 inches
Thermometer No

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